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Fable Nano
'Fable Nano’  is a project conceived to bring the rich fruits of investment close to the middle class sections of the society. Strategically located and most reasonably priced, Fable Nano offers customers with the luxury of ambiance, amenities and appreciation at affordable cost.

Fable Nano2
Riding high on the wave of Fable Nano’s success, Kalidindi Group has unraveled ‘Fable Nano2’ at Narsapur, one of the fastest growing suburbs of Hyderabad. Complete with all modern amenities, ‘Fable Nano2’ is envisaged to offer superior returns for the investors.

Sandal County
One of the finest green investment projects that benefits investors in two delightful ways. It’s where you find prosperity with appreciating land values and profitability with incredible sandalwood yield. And there’s invaluable peace for you to discover in the scenic splendour of Araku Valley.

Capital County
Open plots for sale @ kanchikacherla, A 10 Acre CRDA Gated Community Residential Plots venture, Near to new capital city of Andhra Pradesh close to ORR. Fast developing area and good place to investment and living as well.

We are official Development Consultant for Andhra Pradesh State Govt. Employees Mutually Aided Housing Society Mutually Aided Cooperative House Building Society Ltd.

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