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SANDAL WOOD – Precious Forever!

Since time immemorial, Sandalwood has been an integral part of our rich culture and heritage. Thanks to its multi-use qualities, it touches almost every aspect of our lives starting with religion to beauty/skin care products, herbal medicines, fragrances, arts and crafts etc. These are the very qualities which makes it a precious resource with great demand worldwide.

Out of 198 countries in the world only 8 countries are blessed with climatic conditions ideal for growing Sandalwood. And with Sandalwood oil content being the highest in trees grown in our country there is a huge demand, particularly for them across the globe.

Generally, the tree starts flowering between 4 and 5 years signalling the formation of heart wood. And if a tree is allowed to grow for 12-15 years, the heart wood yield will be much higher -anywhere between 20 and 40 kilos- giving way for higher income.

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